Starbucks Now Selling Evolution Fresh Cold Pressed Vegetable and Fruit Juices With 50 Calories per Serving


Anyone wanting to grab a quick flavorful refreshing beverage can now get fresh cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices at select Starbucks locations (see map). It’s lower in calories because it contains veggies and other minimally processed plant-derived ingredients.

Evolution Fresh juices are made from 100% natural fruit and vegetable ingredients.

Evolution Fresh isn’t the first company to put vegetable and fruits into a bottle.  Other products like Naked Juices, V8 Juices, and Odwalla Juices are smiler in appearance.

However, Evolution Fresh juices are cold pressed to avoid heat that can reduce beneficial enzymes and nutrients.

Then, additional pressure is applied to eliminate bad bacteria and other influences that might cause spoilage.

Also, you’ll find additional ingredients in Evolution Fresh juices that aren’t in most juices. The Sweet Greens and Lemon ingredients are shown below as an example.




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