Juicing Recipe: Apple, Celery, Kale, Red Sweet Pepper, Spinach, and Tomato



A mix of Apple, Celery, Kale, Red Sweet Pepper, Spinach, and Tomato can be a refreshing and energizing drink any time of day. Using a cold pressed masticating style juicer like the Omega J8006, it’s possible to retain the nutritional benefits of all ingredients.


  • Apples – 2 medium
  • Celery – 4 medium stalks
  • Kale – two handfuls
  • Red Sweet Pepper – 1 large
  • Spinach – one handful
  • Tomato – 5 cherry tomatoes


With the Omega J8006 juicer, and many other masticating cold press juicers, the opening is fairly small where food is inserted. This requires that food pieces be relatively small. You can prepare your food before you start, or as you go.

Once you start the juicing process, it’s a good idea to alternate between ingredients to facilitate the process. Some fruits and vegetables have more fluid than others. So, this helps keep flushing out the system. Carrots, for example, are good for cleansing the juicer.

For this particular recipe, the resulting juice may have fiber and clumping. Some people will filter this out. However, you can stir the juice to reduce this clumping. This will result in the greatest nutritional value.

Red sweet peppers are best sliced lengthwise and then fed in individual slices into the juicer.


The appearance of this juice will be dark green.


The most noticeable flavors in this juice will be the apple and celery.


This juice is energizing, cleansing, and refreshing.

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