Evolution Fresh Launches a Cold Pressed Juice Revolution

20140211tu-evolution-fresh-nationa-juicing-revolution-640x300Evolution Fresh has launched a nation-wide campaign to deliver fresh wholesome cold-pressed juices from coast to coast through numerous Starbucks locations (including Iowa City).

Cold pressed juices are produced with a slower process that retains more enzymes and nutrients in the resulting juice.

Of course, juicing is nothing new. However, those wishing to get started with juicing will need to spend a few hundred dollars or more on a high quality masticating juicer.

By delivering low-cost, high-quality, fresh cold-pressed juices to millions of consumers, it gives people the opportunity to try juicing without the initial investment.

A few dollars spent on a fresh bottled juice can save you the time and money you would spend shopping for many veggies and then juicing them.

People who have already purchased a juicer are always looking for new recipes. Because the recipe is on each bottle, avid juicers can learn a new recipe and even see how it tastes just for a few dollars.


When you consider the time, money, and refrigerator space required to create a juice with apple, celery, clover sprouts, cucumber, kale, lemon, lime, parsley, romaine, spinach, and wheat grass, you may decide it’s actually less expensive to just purchase it in a bottle.

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