Essential Elements of an Effective Nutritionally Supportive Diet



There are many effective diet programs available. Many require that you purchase a “kit” that includes the meal replacements, vitamins, and other supplements you’ll need.  The specific ingredients may change, but the general functions and outcomes should be the same.

Monetization & Message

Most diet and weight loss programs have some profit making mechanism. Typically the participant pays for food, supplements, meetings, and/or exercise videos. Usually there’s greater emphasis placed on the aspect of the program that is merchandised. So, the message you may hear is… “You must eat our pre-packaged foods to be successful, but any exercise program is sufficient.” Or, “Eat any nutritious foods from the grocery store that you want, as long as you follow our exercise videos.” Or, “Take our pills, then do whatever you want for exercise and sensible meals.” In part, this approach makes it easier for the participant. However, those who are able to incorporate an array of proven effective components will see greatest success.

Essential Dieting Components

The most effective programs will include the following essential elements either as something recommended or being sold as part of a kit:

  • Cleansing. Cleansing is very important for ensuring that nutrients consumed are fully absorbed into the body. However, diets consisting only of a cleanse don’t offer a long-term solution for total wellness. Cleansing should be a part of an overall program.
  • Exercise. Fitness isn’t something that can be sold in a pill-form, but it’s essential for successful weight loss. So, most programs include an exercise component. In fact, exercise may be largely responsible for the success of any program. Even a placebo would have a high rate of effectiveness if exercise were part of the overall program.
  • Guidebook & Journal. Most diet programs offer a guidebook to help the participant know when to eat what foods and supplements. A journal also helps people document their progress and stay on track.
  • Hydration. As with exercise, water is an essential part of an effective weight loss plan, so most plans emphasize hydration.
  • Meal Replacement (optional). Some diet programs will encourage skipping a meal, and compensating by drinking a shake or eating a food bar. This is a guaranteed way to make sure that at least one meal per day is low in caloric intake.
  • Protein. A weight loss program that focuses on loosing overall body mass may be depleting the body of muscle tone that’s essential over time. A diet low in protein may result in depleting existing muscle stores by converting muscle to fat. Sufficient protein will help curb the appetite and give strength.
  • Sleep. During sleep, our bodies repair, process, and restore. Without getting the right quantity and quality of sleep, a weight loss program might not be effective.
  • Stimulant. Having extra energy helps reduce fatigue related eating. So, most weight loss programs include a stimulant energy drink.
  • Support & Community. It’s helpful to have access to support specialists as well as a community to exchange ideas and questions.
  • Vitamins. Without an adequate nutrient intake, the human body will perceive that its starving and continue to produce feelings of hunger. In addition, lack of proper nutrition  causes various body functions to stop working properly which can lead to poor metabolic processing.

Successful Attitude

It may take some trial and error to find the system that works for you. Whatever program you embrace, you should be able to comfortably say, “I’m not on a diet. This IS my diet.” The diet isn’t something you’re trying or doing short-term, it’s a new lifestyle you feel you could stick with for the long-run.

Word of Caution

Some diet programs provide you with nutritious low calorie health foods and supplements that have delicious and familiar flavors like sweet vanilla and chocolate shakes. These are to replace your current food cravings with a product that provides better nutrition and lower calories. That works for a while, but it doesn’t change your eating habits and desires. It actually continues to feed your habits and addictions to sweet candy-like foods. If you’re really looking for a substantial life-long change, it’s best to seriously alter your desires from sweet, salty, fattening foods over to fresh raw foods. Then you won’t need expensive products to keep the weight off.

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