FitBit Sleep Quality Monitoring – Logging Sleep the Next Day


Summary. If you forget to start the “I’m going to sleep now” mode of the FitBit app on your iPhone, you can enter the sleep time the following day:

  1. Go to More
  2. Choose Sleep
  3. From the sleep screen, press + to add a new sleep session

FitBit will suggest a time that you fell asleep based on when your last activity was the night before. It assumes lots of activity leading up to no activity is the point when you fell asleep.

Determining Wake Time. The FitBit app will assume the current time is your wake time. If you’ve not thought to enter your sleep session until an hour into your day, you may have trouble remembering exactly when you woke up if you didn’t note it at the time. You can create the sleep session and then adjust it online at under the Sleep heading in your Log page. You’ll probably see a normal night of sleeping with a lot of activity toward the end. That’s when you were awake in the morning and walking around. You can trim back the wake time to the point that you first noticed activity in the morning. This will give you a fairly accurate record of your sleep session for the previous night.

Click here to read the full article on FitBit.

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