The Super Shrink Me project is a 120-day wellness challenge inspired by integrative medicine, nutritious food, physical training, and bicycle riding for transportation.

As people decide to take the 120-day challenge, they can journal their progress, share ideas, and compare notes online here.


The currently featured challenger is Greg Johnson. Click here to follow Greg’s journal, chronicling his weight loss and wellness journey from start to finish — as it happens.

Goal. Greg’s goal is to lose weight, and gain all the health benefits that go with it. To do this, he will be following the coaching and nutritional advice from the Washington Street Wellness Clinic. He plans to rely on a bicycle as his primary mode of transportation. Greg is choosing vegan or vegetarian food sources, and plans to eat at Trumpet Blossom as well as ordering food from BurtFamilyFoodServices.com because they offer foods that are compatible with the best health guidelines.

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Weight Loss, Fitness, and Wellness Challenge

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